11. I am a parent and I'm concerned about childcare arrangements. 
12. I am an online student. Do I have to come to campus for events?
13. I have a schedule conflict. Should I skip class?
14. If I graduate before I complete my steps, can I still be inducted?
15. I have a friend interested in joining NSLS. Can they join?
16. I attended an event but received no credit. What do I do?
17. I went to an SNT meeting, but no one was there.
18. Do I need to bring anything with me to events?
19. Does NSLS have an office on campus?
20. I have a personal issue which conflicts with my membership or I want to report an issue with an Executive Board member.

  1. What is the NSLS?
  2. Why should I join the NSLS?
  3. What do I have to do to be inducted?
  4. How do I activate my NSLS account?
  5. Where do I find information for upcoming events?
  6. What if I can't complete my steps towards induction this semester?
  7. Why is there an $85 membership fee?
  8. How do I obtain a position on the Executive Board?
  9. What is the National Engaged Leadership Award (NELA)?
  10. I'm having technical issues with my account.



What is the NSLS?

NSLS stands for National Society of Leadership and Success.

The Society is the nation's largest leadership honor society.  Students are selected by their college for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential.  Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction.  With 538 chapters, the Society currently has 604,043 members nationwide. 

In addition to honorable distinction, the Society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at their campus or online.  Upon completion of the program, members receive their leadership certificate and take their place among the top student leaders at their campus and across the country.  Members are able to list their affiliation on all statements of personal accomplishment, including their resume.  

Membership is for life and provides access to benefits including scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more.



Why should I join the NSLS?

Engaging in membership with the NSLS will provide you with leadership experience and communication skills which can be translated to many facets of life, including the classroom and workplace. 

Upon induction, your transcript will be allocated with acknowledgement of your membership in our NSLS Honors Society, Sigma Alpha Pi. This allocation can be beneficial if applying to graduate, law, or medical school, as well as for internships and jobs where employers assess your transcript. 



What do I have to do to be inducted?

To become an inducted member, you must attend the following, for a total of 10 hours:

1 Orientation (1 hour)
1 Leadership Training Day (3 hours)
3 Speaker Broadcasts (1 hour each)
3 Success Networking Team meetings (1 hour each)

All of these events are available in Fall and Spring semesters at the University of Utah. We offer every event at least once "live". You have the opportunity to make up missed credits at our Marathon Day event.




How do I activate my NSLS account?

In your invitation you were given an "activation code" which allows for you to access your personalized NSLS account. Go to www.societyleadership.org and enter your activation code on the home page to register your account. 


Where do I find information about upcoming events?

There are several places you should check to find information for upcoming events at the University of Utah:

1. Members Area
This is your NSLS account, which you should have activated upon your invitation to NSLS. Once logged into your account, click the "Members Area" tab at the top right-hand corner of the home page. This is where you will find event information (click on the calendar), where you can check your membership status, as well as access the numerous resources provided to you as an NSLS member. All chapter emails will be sent through the messaging system on the national website, so be sure that you check this site daily for notifications from your Executive Board. 

2. Utah Chapter Website
This website is the best resource for finding event information specifically for our chapter. You can access this site through the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement at www.leadership.utah.edu. Click the "Get Involved" tab, then "The National Society of Leadership and Success". This will direct you to this website, where you can find us directly at nsls.squarespace.com. 

2. Social Media
You can find the University of Utah on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Our Facebook page is the best resource to find event information, as well as campus news and any chapter social media competitions. 

Facebook: NSLS-University of Utah
Instagram: nsls.uofu
YouTube: NSLS University of Uta


What if I can't complete my steps toward induction this semester?

The great thing about the NSLS is that you don't have to complete your steps toward induction in the same semester as you sign up. In fact, you have until graduation to complete your steps toward induction. 

We do notice, however, that most students successfully complete their induction when they fulfill all steps in the same semester in which they are invited. 




Why is there an $85 membership fee?

None of the Executive Board nor University of Utah Faculty receives compensation directly from the membership fee. 

The National Society of Leadership and Success is a for-profit organization. In order for our chapter at the University of Utah to exist, we must pay a series of fees to the national office. Fees such as this are what the membership fee contributes to. 




How do I obtain a position on the Executive Board?

Executive Board positions, of which there are 12 available, are one-year commitment positions, which we renew every May. An application will be sent out by the Executive Board, as well as information about each position (which you can also explore by clicking "Get Involved" in your Members Area). This application will be due in April, followed by an interview. 


What is the National Engaged Leader Award (NELA)?

The NELA award is a certificate for those members desiring to accomplish a title beyond baseline induction and is available for all members to achieve. To receive the NELA, you must attend the following:

1 Orientation
1 Leadership Training Day
6 Speaker Broadcasts
6 Success Networking Team meetings
5 Community Service hours

Please note that in order to complete the steps for the NELA award, active participation must be achieved for at least 1 year (2 semesters). This is in order to attend 6 different SB and SNT events, of which only 3 are offered each semester. To track Community Service hours, the Executive Board with distribute a "Tracking Sheet" via email, which needs to be signed by your community service supervisor. You may disperse community service over several days, hours, types of community service, etc. The only requirements are that the total number of hours volunteered is at least 5 and that your tracking sheet is signed. You will submit this tracking sheet directly to your Student President for approval through your Members Area inbox.






I'm having a technical issue with my account. Who do I contact?

Contact the national office's Student Support:

o Phone : 201-204-4353
o Email:   studentsupport@societyleadership.org

Please note the National Office is on East Coast Time. 







I am a parent and I'm concerned about childcare arrangements conflicting with events. What do I do?

We try to do all we can to accommodate our large amount of "untraditional" students here at the University of Utah. If you have issues arranging childcare, or an emergent situation requires you to bring your child to an event, we want to make becoming inducted as easy as possible. 

Please feel free to bring along children to events if you must. We ask that all children are well-behaved, do not require you to step out of the event for extended periods of time, nor are disruptive to the progress of the event. Please keep in mind that we can accommodate parents with alternative ways to achieve their steps toward induction: email your Student President at nsls.uofu@gmail.com. 






I am an online student. Do I have to come to campus for events?

All of our events are held on campus. While we strongly encourage all of our invitees to attend our events "live" as they are more beneficial experiences for our members. 

We may offer online make-up credits to those members who communicate their situations to the Executive Board.






I have a class conflict. Should I skip class to attend an event?

Although we are an Honors Society, we are not a University of Utah absence-permitting group. DO NOT ever skip classes, labs, or finals to attend an NSLS event, as you will NOT receive formal excusal. We are not responsible for any attendance credit, assignment, exam, grade or overall marks which suffer from absence of class while attending NSLS events. 

We seek to provide as many options for you to accomplish your steps every semester as possible and are willing to work with members under certain circumstances. 




If I graduate before I complete my steps, can I still be inducted?

The University of Utah is one of the few NSLS Chapters which allows graduate students to participate in their steps toward induction, if they have been invited during their undergraduate career. Please contact your Student President for information on continuing your steps toward induction after graduation at nsls.uofu@gmail.com.




I have a friend interested in joining the NSLS. Can they become a member?

Any University of Utah student who meets our GPA requirement is welcome to join the NSLS. For those interested in joining, contact the chapter's Student President at nsls.uofu@gmail.com. 







I attended an event but didn't receive credit. What do I do?

Event credit will be submitted by the Executive Board within 24 hours after an event has concluded. We take all attendance in spreadsheet format and keep all attendance on file. You will receive an email confirming the credit assigned to you for each event. 

If you do not receive a confirmation email, check the "Membership Status" tab in your Members Area to confirm which credits you have received. If you are missing a credit, please notify the Executive Board at nsls.uofu@gmail.com

TIP: Ensure that the First and Last name you indicate on the attendance sheet match the information associated with your NSLS account. 




I went to my assigned Success Networking Team (SNT) meeting, but nobody was there. Can I still get credit?

If you attend your regularly assigned SNT meeting time and location and the other members assigned to that section do not attend, you can still receive credit. You must submit an SNT report as per usual and notify your Executive Board of the situation. Then, the SNT Coordinator will reach out to discuss your SNT Report. Contact them at nsls.uofu@gmail.com. 






Do I need to bring anything with me to events?

Most events do not require any materials. 

Leadership Training Day: This 3-hour event does require a few materials. While the NSLS has compiled a Leadership Training Day Workbook (shared with you via email), it is NOT required for the LTD and will not be provided for you by the chapter. Therefore, please bring paper and a writing instrument for this event.  

For longer events like the Leadership Training Day and the Marathon Day, refreshments will be provided, but it would be ideal to bring snacks and water for yourself. 







Does the NSLS have an office on campus?

Our faculty advisors can be found here:

Student Leadership & Involvement
(within the Office of the Dean of Students)
A. Ray Olpin Union – Suite 270
200 S. Central Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
P: (801) 581-7526 | F: (801) 585-5114
Monday – Friday 8am-5pm





I have a personal issue which conflicts with my membership or I want to report an issue with an Executive Board member. Who do I contact?

Contact one of our Faculty Advisors:

Tasha Myers: TMyers@sa.utah.edu
Jeffrey Furlong: JFurlong@sa.utah.edu

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us and we'll answer as soon as possible.